Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Many Links (08 DEC 2009)

Top ten book lists from Wax and Challies.

CT: Modern day lepers are sex offenders.

Five crazy over-achievers.

Gary Thomas on the most effective way to influence your children.

EW's best movies of the decade (I'm sorry, but #2, despite its subject matter, was a terrible movie).

Now I really want one.

Best Christmas decorations of the year:

epic fail pictures


nathan cookston said...

Neil Portman would strongly disagree with your assumptions regarding the Kindle.

In one of his books, as Bryan cause I forget, :0) he shows the negative impact on retention when using a computer screen vs. the sensory experience of reading a book with real pages.

very interesting stuff.

Ryan Phelps said...

Huh, interesting. I think that the only difference is that the technology is such that you're not actually reading off a computer screen but an "e-ink" display. I agree that reading type of a screen is atrocious. But I wonder if the e-ink makes for a different experience (one that will allow for more "retention," as you say).

Remember that when word processors came out, writing critics denounced them, claiming that one could not write with clarity or style using a keyboard.

But this is all moot as I don't have 259 bucks to buy one anyway.