Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Got a Mac

Well, that's what it feels like now that I have Windows 7 installed. Night and day.


Bryan said...

So how is it different? What does it do that you really like?

Ryan Phelps said...

1. It runs SO much faster, which is due to reengineering of memory usage. Before, when you opened a program, video memory was used up no matter if the window was minimized or not. Not any more.

2. Connecting to an external display (TV or projector) finally is simple and fool proof.

3. The Aero controls (the way you switch between programs) are pretty and useful.

4. Even after a format and reinstall, Vista still sucked.

5. 7 just feels better.

I am only a few days into, but I really like it. I was worried at first, dropping $120 like that. But it's the best money I have spent since I bought a corn dog at the fair.

nathan cookston said...

I Know!!!! I was saying that since getting it months ago. I would actually buy a PC again. You forgot to add the intuitive and fool proof wireless connecting now also. Sooo nice.